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Style Plus’s Tunde Tdot Confesses

Member of the ace music group, Style Plus, Tunde Akinsanmi, popularly known as Tunde Tdot has made an eye-popping confession.

“I fancy ladies with medium-sized boobs and butts than those with big ones. It has been my taste long before I met and married my wife. Unlike most men, although I enjoys the elasticity of boobs and butts but seeing too much of them in a woman turns me off.”

“In terms of her physical features, well-rounded front and backsides appeal to me but they must be moderate in size. Heavy backsides turn me off.”

“My ideal woman is one that I can trust to tell me the truth even when it hurts; someone who is kind to others and can hold a conversation with anybody. She must be mature, rational, adventurous, and loyal.”


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