Stopping Illegality Among Youths Themed For LIJF 2019

LIJF combats Tragic Stories of people being smuggled illegally and finding themselves at the risk of assault and abuse such as rape, beating, kidnappings, prostitution, slavery, robbery, organs harvesting, sex/human trafficking, and others are amongst the many incidents that influenced the organizers of the Lagos International Jazz Festival(LIJF) to place addressing the social menace of illegal migration on the front burner. The LIJF 2019 colloquium seek to find ways to tackle the challenge through the use of music and the creatives arts with the theme – ‘Music And The Creative Arts As Tools For Addressing The Dangers & Perils Of Illegal/Irregular Mass Migration’.

When asked about the topic and the thrust of the festival this year 2019, Ayoola Sadare festival founder and director stated “After the 10th anniversary of the Lagos International Jazz Festival in 2018, someone close embarked on the journey to Europe through the Sahara inspite of strong advice and evidence of what transpires during the journey. This shocked me and I reaIised more how hopeless people must feel and desperate they were to escape their situation and embark on this journey. This phenomenon is serious! We at the festival then felt its only right that such a platform as ours in cooperation with others should be able to do more than just promote Jazz and get musicians to perform. It should be a voice, give back to society and help raise awareness for certain causes, this being one. The creative arts working closely with the media have the power to do this and effect change. The response of people to music, Jazz inclusive and the creative arts is a positive one and must be used as a medium to strongly communicate the anomalies in society in an easily understood manner.” Speakers at the Festival colloquium will include The honourable commissioner for tourism, arts and culture Lagos State – Steve Ayorinde, the PMAN president – pretty Okafor and others.

The Lagos International Jazz Festival which is scheduled to hold for two days on the 29 & 30 April 2019 at the Freedom Park, Broad Street, Lagos also incorporates the Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) and UNESCO recognised International Jazz Day on April 30. During the April Jazz Appreciation month LIJF will collaborate with other events like the Loud Beach Festival, Industry Nite, Umutu Jazz Immersion and a few others to bring the music closer to the people. LIJF 2019 is 1 venue, 2 nights, 3 stages event and the tickets cost N2,500/day to attend. This year’s edition will feature both homebased and international acts like David Friesen (USA), Christine Kamau (Kenya), Bright Gain, Orliam, Sam Ayunke(SA), Wole Oni, DJ Humility, Temmie Ovwasa – Ybnl Princess and a host of others. The event is organised by Inspiro productions & Sloweganzi International and supported by the Lagos State Ministry Of Tourism Arts & Culture, PMAN, Sovereign Trust Insurance plc and numerous media houses and organisations.



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