Spiritual Healers Run To Collect First Magical Rain Drop In kaduna

Kaduna Experienced the First rain on Monday 02 2020. Spiritual leaders were  seen in array of haste to collect some rain drops in divers containers, with the claim that it has the Potency and Power to avert Evil.

Malam Wada who is a teacher in Islamiya school near Hayin Banki, said the holy books have described rain water generally,  as blessed. ” But the first rain was very significant because it could cure mental illness and related problems,” he said. Kaduna residents, particularly those in the Northern part of the city, experienced light drizzle of rain which lasted for about 20 minutes, causing traffic gridlock near the Abakpa area.

Speaking exclusively to Vanguard, another cleric, Ali Ibrahim said the first rain when taken after reciting some Arabic prayers, could free individuals from being in spiritual bandage.

” It’s also good in the maternity as it makes it easier for women in labor, ” he said. Some city dwellers were thankful to God for the rain and prayed for its sustenance due to the prevailing hot weather, insisting that now that power was becoming epileptic, rain would make the atmosphere fit for living.


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