Social Media Will Kill Nigeria – Tunde Opeseitan

Social media will kill this country if care is not taken. Last week, news broke online that the accounts of popular musician, Davido and that of PDP governorship candidate in Osun State, Demola Adeleke were frozen by the EFCC whereas the claim was totally untrue.

Since two other aspirants picked governorship forms to contest APC ticket with Governor Ambode, all sorts of news have been flying. I have seen some reports claiming that the Governor abused Tinubu after a phone conversation as if they were there; another one said the Gov is begging with his wife.

There was another one that said Gov Ambode, for the first time, participated in APC campaign in Osun just to beg party leaders shamelessly forgetting that the Gov infact led the APC campaign in Edo which ushered in Godwin Obaseki as the Governor of the State.

Today, some people criminally authored a letter in the name of the Governor and claimed that he was stepping down for Sanwoolu and before we could say Jack Robinson, another rebuttal in the name of the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Habib Aruna was issued even without his knowledge. The irony is that many have published without fact-checking the claims both against and in favour of the Gov.

This is a sad commentary of how low journalism has sunk and I think it is time for our seniors in this profession to rise up and tame the monster of fake news.


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