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Sister Offers Assasins N4.5M To Kill Elder Sister

On the 26th of July 2018, the DPO Igando Police Station and team rounded up a gang that had been mobilized to assassinate 60years old Gladys Osaigbovo-Omon, an indigene of Benin City, Edo State, in a case of human trafficking gone awry, ACCORDING TO Police report, Gladys Osaigbovo-Omon begged her younger sister, Augusta Osaigbovo to take her daughter, Mercy Omon overseas for better life.

Foll0wing her approval, she took Mercy to the United Kingdom where it dawned on Mercy that her Aunty, Augusta, is a leader of a prostitution ring and indeed, had recruited her into prostitution in London.

She refused to submit herself for the illicit trade, prompting Augusta to give her up to police authorities in the UK. Somehow, Mercy Omon wriggled out of the trouble and convinced the UK police that her travail was caused by Augusta who brought her to London with a promise to find her a job but unknown to her that she had ulterior motives.

The London Police now turned against Augusta and jailed her. in retaliation, Augusta, feeling that her sister was supporting her daughter she decided to procure the services of assassins to eliminate her sister in revenge for an agreed sum of 4.5 Million naira.
The names of the alleged assassins are:
Osaro Okonobom ‘m’; and
Lucky Oboh.


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