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Singer Chris Brown To Face 15 Years Jail Term If Found Guilty Of Rape

American singer Chris Brown in trouble again as woman filed for rape attempt.

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Chris Brown who had once faced legal issue after his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 filed for assault, has again made to face police custody after a woman filed for a rape complaint in France.

French police say Brown was detained on Monday on potential charges of aggravated rape and drug infractions and remains in custody.

Investigators have another two days to decide whether to let him go or file preliminary charges.

One of Brown’s bodyguards is among the others detained, according to a Paris police official.

The woman who filed the complaint said she met Brown and his friends at the club Le Crystal in northwestern Paris on Wednesday, and then they all went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where she says the alleged assault took place.

In 2016, Brown was arrested in Los Angeles after a woman said he had pointed a gun at her. Brown denied any wrongdoing.

A rape conviction in France can carry a sentence of 15 years.



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