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Shan George Speaks On Plans To Remarry After 3 Marriage Failures

Nollywood actress, singer, film producer, and director Shan George has opened up on the plans to remarry after 3 marriage failures.

49-year-old movie icon, who was recently appointed by the governor of Cross River State to be the Chairman of the Callywood Board had been married thrice and divorced.

Although a grandmother, the actress shares her marriage fears when asked if she has plans to give marriage another shot.

She said:

“Marriage!  Hmmm..to be very fair, one of the reasons that would make me not to consider marrying again is because I am scared. I am an only child and all my life, I have always defended myself by myself because it was just me. When people bully me, I man up and challenge them. So, right now, little things that seem like a threat to me, I could possibly overreact. It might have to take someone who truly sees me as a sister for anything marriage to happen again. I am just scared, let me carry my cartons of trouble and maintain my lane,”

Shan George who is a proud mother of two grown sons, Delnoi and Jaga revealed how she copes with the lonely night. Hear her,  “ Honestly, with the kind of work I do, there is hardly a lonely moment. In fact, I am craving for that ‘Me time’. Me being by myself. I really enjoy my time alone. I do some reading when I am free. Aside from that, work takes much of my time, so I hardly have time for such lonely moments you mentioned.”






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