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Several Premier League Clubs Wants Relegation Scrapped

English Premier Clubs have started training as they edge closer to restarting the League on the proposed  June 17 date.

However, several top-flight English Clubs in the bottom half of the Premier League table opt for the thoughts that the premier league relegation be scrapped if the season as to be stopped following the coronavirus pandemic.

The Season will commence on June 17 behind close doors with no fan what so ever, however, all twenty clubs will in a meeting vote on what to do if the season has to be halted.

One top-flight club owner says he would vote for scrapping relegation even though the FA ruled it out last month.

“We would vote for no relegation if the season is curtailed,” he said.

“There are up to 10 clubs who think the same thing.”

This follows the permission from the United Kingdom Government to commence competitive training.




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