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Saying Your Husband Raped You Is Very Wrong – Anita Joseph

Nigerian Actress Anita Joseph has faulted that women are wrong to say they were raped by their husband after telling the men they aren’t in the mood for sex.

In an Instagram wideo she did with her hubby, tagged Talk with the OLAGUNJUS!!!!  the actress opined that a woman’s body is the food of her husband and should be ready for him whenever he needs to ”feed on it.”

Anita Joseph asserted that it is wrong for women to tell their husbands they aren’t in the mood for sex, she said; You are not in the mood? Open it. When he enters, you will be in the mood” she told married women

She said: Talk with the OLAGUNJUS!!!!

Am talking about married people
Watch this Video to the End before you beat me oh ☺️😳



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