SATIRE: Saraki Opposes Tinubu’s Insistence On Becoming President In 2023,

Ogbeni : Asiwaju , did you read Saraki reply to your attack ?

Asiwaju : Yes . But I didn’t know he will toe that line . He went so deep to let the world know about my 2023 Presidential plot and other past actions.

Ogbeni : But you remember I had suggested to you not to attack Saraki because he has capacity to fight back and also , he is armed with lots of information .

Asiwaju : Yes , you said so .But like I told you , my strategy was to attack some selected Politicians from North that decamped to PDP so that Buhari will trust me so much ahead of 2019 so that I will be able to place our 2023 agenda structure across the country .

Ogbeni : I understand , but that is already backfiring with Saraki Reply .

Asiwaju : Yea , but we must find a way to scheme this out . I will sustain messing that Saraki of a man up politically . I will fund Liar Mohamed led opposition in Kwara against him .

Ogbeni : I doubt if Liar Muhammad can do him anything in Kwara . Liar lack capacity .

Asiwaju : Don’t worry , I will convince Mr President to supply Liar Muhammad everything he will need in Kwara against Saraki .

Ogbeni : If you ask me , I will suggest that you let Saraki be . Let’s concentrate on dividing the North and hijacking the APC structure towards handing you over the 2023 APC Presidential ticket .

Asiwaju : Fighting Saraki is part of my positioning for 2023 APC Presidential ticket strategy . I am Asiwaju of Africa ! Don’t worry , let me call Saraki to make him believe that there is no issue between us again .

Ogbeni : OK .

(Phono rings ….)

Asiwaju : Hello . The Senate President of the Federal Republic ! I salute you His Excellency !

Saraki : Good evening Asiwaju . This one you called me after you had once agains tried to run me down on media ?

Asiwaju : Haba the great Son of Oloye ! Is not what you think my brother . You should know that we are together on issue of saving our country and her democracy .

Saraki : Asiwaju , I have to let you know that am so disappointed with you . A Leader in your shoe , should chose his words very well especially while facing the public .

Asiwaju : Come , Saraki or whatever you call yourself , you should mind how you address me !

Saraki : I have not insulted you sir . But I will not submit to your selfish agenda that can mess our country up no matter what ! Never !!!

Asiwaju : What are you talking about ? Am asking you !? I have been a senator and also a Governor in this country ! I made Governors and also legislators too .

Saraki : Thank God that some of us has been Governor and also Senator too and you did not made my likes . But this is not the issue . The issue is that we stop your agenda of becoming Vice President to Buhari in 2015 . We did that for our country and her democracy !
Asiwaju : How was such action for the Nation ‘s interest ? Is there anywhere in our country’s constitution where it is written that we can’t have Muslim – Muslim or Christian – Christian Presidential tickets ?

Or even South – South or North – North ticket ?

So ,why all these ?

Saraki : You see , your personal agenda is driving you to a point that you can even crash the entire Country’s democracy . It is against our Political Culture as a country for Muslim – Muslim / Christian- Christian Presidential tickets or even North – North /South – South ticket .

Asiwaju : Forget that . You people were just envious of my likes .

Saraki : envious for what ? In fact , let me help you with some historical events :
The last notable Christian-Christian ticket was Awolowo-Umeadi in 1979 and the last notable Muslim-Muslim ticket was Abiola-Kingibe in 1993.

Did they end up becoming presidents ? No ! It is even of note that Awolowo went further beyond Christian – Christian ticket and adopted Southern – Southern ticket and yet , it did not work .


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