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SA’s Zuma faces another no-confidence vote

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma is confronting another no-confidence vote.

A movement of no certainty – asked for by the restriction Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party – will come to parliament on 22 February.

This will be the most recent in a string of such movements Mr Zuma has looked since he took control in 2009, and whether he makes due as president until the point that South Africa’s general race in 2019 stays to be seen.

Calls for him to venture down have heightened since Cyril Ramaphosa assumed control as the decision African National Congress’ (ANC) pioneer.

In the interim, it has been accounted for that Mr Ramaphosa and other best ANC authorities have been examining Mr Zuma’s future.

Mr Zuma is said to meet with them through the span of the end of the week.


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