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Russian Instagram Influencer Found Dead, Body Stuffed In Suitcase

Russian Instagram Influencer Found Dead, Body Stuffed In Suitcase

Instagram influencer Ekaterina Karaglanova’s parents found the Russian travel and fashion blogger stabbed to death and stuffed in a suitcase in her Moscow apartment on Friday.

Karaglanova was well-known on Instagram, possessing more than 85,000 followers. After not hearing from her for several days, Karaglanova’s parents grew worried and contacted her landlord for access to her apartment, according to the Independent.

They found Karaglanova lifeless, her throat slit, and her body stuffed in a suitcase sitting in her hallway. Police found other knife wounds in her chest and neck. She died just days before her 25th birthday.

Police found no sign of struggle at the apartment, nor did investigators find a murder weapon.

Russian police say that video footage shows Karaglanova’s ex-boyfriend had visited her days before her body was discovered. The Instagram model had recently started dating someone new.

Police have arrested a suspect in the case, whose identity has not yet been released, and are considering jealousy as a possible motive in the killing.


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