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Rukky Sanda Set To Return To Spotlight With New Romance

Nollywood actress and CEO of film production company Rukkysandastudios, Rukky Sanda is set to screens this November with new romance movie, The Relationship. The wild fashionista took to her official Instagram page to share bits of the movie with followers writing along with a poster of the movie, “Kevin is tired of his wife’s constant Nagging, her obsessive workout routines & commitment to her Body Goals Rather than their Marraige*** All his wife wants in #theRelationship is for him to spend all his free time with her & her alone Even tho they been married damn near 5years… #noFriends babe, just the 2 of us 😉or 3… 😂😂😂 Lol! Starring 
In “The Relationship” Premieres This November from 


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