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Royal Brothers Empire Set To Unveil Jay Tunes.

The Nigerian music industry is about to witnessed a new sound from, Royal Brothers Empire,    as driven by it’s  new talent, Jay Tunes. Son of Amb osayomore joseph

According to the Artiest Relation (A & R)  arm of the record  label, it is time for the top five reigning  acts in Nigeria to start planning their retirement; because Jay tunes  is in town with a new sound and pop culture that will usher them out of the market.

Why does the label believe their new acquisition has what it take to rule the ever competitive and lively music market? We asked. “it takes a man who believes that he can be a winner and champion to become one. Jay Tunes knows he has the talent and the looks; hence his believe and our believe that he  can make it come to pass” a label representative enthused.

Jay Tunes,  who is an astute song writer and  vocalist is an alumnus of Nigerian Idol season 5,  echoed the sentiment of his label,  when he said ‘the sky is big enough for all stars to shine, and I am not here to take anybody’s place. However,  I am here to be the biggest of them stars in this sky called  Nigerian music. Keep your fingers crossed” The young talent concluded.

What is the  source of Jay Tunes confidence ? , you may want to ask, our checks shows that apart from being a son of a music icon of old, a former contestant of an  international music talent  show, he has also taken his grind to the door steps of world famous Kas Beats, were he  rounded up his experience as an international star in waiting.


The last line the talent will like the world to know is  that “only God can do it, and he is ready to it for him. “ he concluded.




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