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Robbers Broke Into Edo cleric’s Office To steal Money

Rev. father Andrew Ihonda Ovienloba, The parish priest, of the St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Aruogba, in the Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State, said robbers broke into his office and stole a huge amount of money belonging to the church.

Ihonda-Ovienloba, who wake p to discover the robbery made the disclosure during the Sunday mass at the church,he also said the robbers did a very neat job and that they might be people who are familiar with the enviroment.

The priest was quoted saying “Forty days after the birth of Jesus was celebrated all over the world, robbers broke into my office and stole the money belonging to the church.

“The money they stole was the money the poor people, who have one problem or another, used to sow seeds and offer petitions to God.

“The robbers have automatically succeeded in carrying the problems and challenges of those who offered the money to God for prayer.”

When you rob a house of God, you carry all the suffering and pain of the congregation.”“You cannot rob a house of God or a man of God and go scot free.

During the prayer of the faithful, the priest, however, prayed for the robbers to repent.


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