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Radio One Presenter Gavin Ford Found Dead At His Home

A popular Lebanon radio presenter is reported to have been found dead in his home in Beirut.

Gavin Ford, reported by Al Jazeera, was found dead in his home in the hills of Beit Mery near the capital, Beirut on Tuesday, the presenter who was covered in his blood in his bedroom was said to have been murdered, police confirmed the situation without putting forward a motive.

To further put the case as a murdered case, the An-Nahar, a local newspaper, reported that Ford’s arms had been tied and that he had been strangled with a piece of cloth, The Associated Press news agency also quoted an unnamed official who confirmed Ford was strangled.

Also, the police confirmed that Ford’s car was stolen at the same time although they did not directly connect it to the murder of Ford.

Gavin Ford who arrived Lebanon from Cyprus in 1995 after which he joined Radio One, he is one of Lebanon finest radio presenter, Ford, a British citizen host the breakfast show for Radio one, called Gavin Ford in the morning. Radio One an English-language music channel in Lebanon. he has been presenting for over two decades now, many are shocked over his death.

His colleagues at the radio station reached out to the police when Ford did not arrive for work and did not reply to calls. After hearing the news of his death, the station released a statement: “We are heartbroken to announce the passing of our dear Gavin Ford, a member of our team for many joyful years.” Al Jazeera News.

The British ambassador to Lebanon Chris Rampling, who was shocked after hearing the news of his demise sent his condolence to his family, he said,

“I am shocked and deeply saddened by the death of Gavin Ford, one of Lebanon’s most popular morning breakfast hosts. The thoughts of all at the embassy are with his family, friends, and colleagues at this terribly difficult time.”


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