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History has it that in the ancient times, the godking Òdúduwà (the first Oònirìsà) was married to goddess Olókun and goddess Òsààrà in accordance with the destined will of the almighty creator Olódùmarè…

Although, goddess Olókun was the divine consort of godking Òdúduwà, but as destiny designed the godly adventure, goddess Olókun had beauty, riches, magnificence, imperial essence, virtue, luxury and excellence. Unfortunately, with all the good things of life bestowed upon goddess Olókun from the creator which are benefits and advantage to the royal “House of Òdúduwà”, – she was unable to reproduce royal offspring for Òdúduwà… She invested all her divine quotas into her royal matrimony, even though her utmost desire was to reproduce heirs and heroines for the sacred throne of her lord. After all her efforts of reproduction was futile, she decided to make her husband happy by marrying a new wife that will be able to reproduce for her husband… All her loving decisions were opened to godking Òdúduwà, whose concurrence with the idea brought about the sacred consultation of the Ifá Oracle on the decision by Òrúnmìlà Àgbonnìrègún… Ifá Oracle revealed Olódùmarè’s endorsement on the decision and sooner before later, goddess Olókun married goddess Òsààrà for her husband – godking Òdúduwà.

His Imperial Majesty – godking Òdúduwà was amazed in awe with goddess Olókun’s openhearted decision of his marriage with goddess Òsààrà… As the creator wishes, so it be; – goddess Òsààrà reproduced offspring for godking Òdúduwà which broke a lifetime record of fertility in the royal “House of Òdúduwà”… After so many years of an understandable matrimony between Òdúduwà, Olókun and Òsààrà, – there came the day when an unresolvable conflicts commenced between Olókun and Òsààrà which was engineered by hypocrites and mischief-makers of the royal “House of Òdúduwà”.

The feud of jealousy, anger and insults was so much between the two royal wives beyond what godking Òdúduwà could resolve. Òrúnmìlà Àgbonnìrègún (who was the ancient philosopher) was called to intervene and invest peace into the royal “House of Òdúduwà” with the Ifá Oracle… Ifá revealed that the cause of the feud are the negative people conceiving negative energies in the royal “House of Òdúduwà” whose existence in the Ooni’s palace were to antagonize the peaceful reign of Òdúduwà by making godking Òdúduwà’s home become an avenue of unresolved misunderstanding and conflict between the royal wives.

Ifá further told Òdúduwà that the only solution to the problem was that – Òdúduwà shouldn’t live matrimonially with either of the wives under the same roof and that it has became the taboo of the highest order for any Oònirìsà or the royal descendant of Òdúduwà to live under the same roof with the queens… With immediate effect, Òdúduwà allocated different royal mansions for his two queens within the Òdúduwà’s palace territory.

Peace reigned once again in the “House of Òdúduwà” after Òdúduwà yielded to Ifá’s instruction… Later, Olókun could no longer bear the private matrimonial lifestyle which subjected her to see her husband only when they are to have sex or private communication, – she came up with the decision of vacating the palace as she thought it would be better for her to live outside the palace as a single woman rather than staying in the palace and only enjoying her husband occasionally. She left the palace to a far away settlement from Ìlè-Ifè and ended the chapter of her marriage with Òdúduwà which in the ancient times was understandable by the citizens of the earth as a “divine matrimonial separation”… After Olókun’s departure, Òsààrà was wrongly mocked by the indigenous Ife people as the culprit behind Olókun’s departure from the royal “House of Òdúduwà”. Sadly, Òsààrà also left the palace to her parents’ home within the ancient Ifè city where she became a single mother… None of the two goddesses remarried and godking Òdúduwà lived long all alone without any other queen on the continuum of his destined missions on earth till death.

We might indeed be living in a modern world, but tradition can neither be broken nor bended… We are experiencing the ancient history of Òdúduwà and Olókun quintessential matrimonial separation saga through the present existence of “His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M) Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II” and “Her Highness (H.H) Zaynab Otiti Obanor”. Let nobody condemn or disrespect the matrimonial separation of the royal couple; – for nobody (not even an Ifá priest, prophets, deities, divinities or earthly kings) have say on the destiny of anyone except the supreme creator Olódùmarè.

We are the tradition… Tradition is us… What we live is what we become !

© •Authorised Copyright Of EMPEROR ALAFIA ADEOBA SHALOM {World Venerable Grandmaster & Grand Masonic Emperor Of THE VENERABLE SACRED ORDER OF TRUTH}•


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