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Princess Ayoka Drops Royal Tittle

Japanese princess marries a commoner, dumps tittle.

Princess Ayoka, On Monday, marries Kie Moriya, a shipping firm employee in a ritual styled ceremony in Tokyo.

Ayoka, 28 is the daughter of the emperor’s cousin, the couple was shown on national news in Japan walking slowly before guests at the capital’s Meiji Shrine. she was dressed in a traditional robe with patterned with red and green splashed and wore a Heiran-era hairdo, while the groom Mr. Moriya wore a coattail. she later changed into a Japanese robe.

The wedding took place in one of the pagoda-like buildings in the shrine complex and included an exchange of rings and a sharing of a cup of sake, according to Japanese media.

“I’m filled with joy to get married and to have so many people visit us at the Meiji Shrine and congratulate us,” Princess Ayako told a news conference after the private Shinto wedding ceremony.

while, Moriya said he hoped to help Ayako adjust to everyday life, telling reporters: “I want us to work together, hand in hand, to create a family filled with smiles”.

under the Japanese imperial law, women marry a commoner leaves drops the royal title, Ayoka becomes the latest to leave the Imperial Household.

Just last week the princess bid the emperor farewell in a statement and said she looks forward to helping the emperor and empress as a former member of the royal family.

With Ayako’s departure, leaves the Japan’s Imperial Household with just 18 members.


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