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Prime Minister Theresa May To Bring Back Brexit Deal To Parliament

Prime Minister May to bring back Brexit deal to parliament.

Prime Minister Theresa May promised on Monday to bring her Brexit deal back to parliament for a vote in mid-January, pledging to get assurances from the European Union to break the deadlock over Britain’s exit from the bloc.

The Prime Minister who had faced a lot of accusations from some lawmakers had said Brexit deal would be placed amongst lawmakers to make a decision between her deal or leaving without a deal on March 29, which could be a serious scenario for the economy, however, May has been pressing so hard on her deal to leave the EU, despite pressing opposition from the opposition party, she said parliament would debate the deal in January, before a vote in the week beginning January 14.

Over the week the May had survived a confidence vote and sought last-minute changes to a Brexit agreement reached with Brussels last month, May said that the alternatives to her deal were leaving without an agreement or no Brexit at all.

“I know this is not everyone’s perfect deal. It is a compromise. But if we let the perfect be the enemy of the good then we risk leaving the EU with no deal,” she told lawmakers, her speech punctuated by loud shouts of protest.

Avoiding no deal is only possible if we can reach an agreement or if we abandon Brexit entirely.”

She said the EU had offered “further clarification” on the most contentious aspects of the withdrawal agreement and her government was seeking “further political and legal assurances”.

But with the EU offering little in the way of concessions to win over lawmakers, an increasing number of politicians are calling for a second referendum – something some of her ministers say could be avoided if the government tested Brexit scenarios in parliamentary votes.

“What is irresponsible is delaying a vote on her agreement, not because she is going to get any changes to it but because she wants to run down the clock and try and intimidate MPs (Members of Parliament) into supporting it to avoid no deal,” opposition Labour lawmaker Liz Kendall said in parliament.




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