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President Trump Promise To Prolong Government Shut Down Over Border Wall

President Donald Trump has promised to prolong government shut down as it enters the fifth day.

President Trump while on a surprise visit to US troops in Iraq promised to keep the partial government shut down for a long while, the president while he was asked on Wednesday by troops, how long would he wait to see his demands met, Trump responded: “Whatever it takes.”.

Just days back, President Trump promised for a shut down of the government if the Democrats fail to vote for the border wall funding, which the Senate had approved, meanwhile, after confrontations on Friday, the President announced a partial shut down of the government. He has however blamed the partial shutdown on Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who is expected to become speaker of the US House of Representatives on January 3.

According to reports Democrats and Republicans view the wall as a costly, unneeded and ineffective project, but some Republicans support the idea and back Trump’s demand for $5bn in partial funding. Following the shut down on Saturday it has been recorded that over800,000 employees of the affected agencies have been stranded.

Meanwhile, Congress is scheduled to meet after the holiday break on Thursday and resume talks on the matter.


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