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President Buhari Officially Presents To The public, Nigeria Visa Policy

President Muhammadu Buhari has officially launched to the public, the  Nigeria Visa Policy (NVP) for the year 2020. The document was presented at the State House in Abuja, on Tuesday.

President Buhari said the review of the visa policy is intended to attract innovation, specialized skills and knowledge from abroad to complement local ones.

The visa policy 2020 is to enhance business opportunities and achieve African integration through the visas on arrival for holders of passports of African Union countries.

The new visa has 79 classes addressing every aspect of human need on entry and exit to Nigeria. The Visa policy will be based on the doctrine of reciprocity, flexible and considers national interest.

It is a sequel to the pronouncements in November 2019 by the president,  that a new policy of visa on arrival would be granted to all African travelers starting from January 2020.

Following the pronouncement, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), subsequently rolled out a new Visa-on- Arrival Application Process for all Business Travelers and African Union Countries, except for ECOWAS member countries.

The new policy favors Africans with valid passports who wish to come into the country for a short visit, for businesses, and for tourism, as the Visa grants them legal stay for up to 90 days.

President Buhari had while announcing the new policy at the Aswan Forum in Egypt, last November, stated that: “We in Nigeria have already taken the strategic decision to bring down barriers that have hindered the free movement of our people within the continent by introducing the issuance of visa at the point of entry into Nigeria to all persons holding passports of African countries with effect from January 2020.”


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