“Postpone Your Deaths Till Our Strike Is Over” – Mortuary Staff Union To Ghanaians

Richard Kofi Jordan, the General Secretary of mortuary workers Union, has asked people ‘not to die’ until they call off their strike action and resume work on November 20, 2018.

"Postpone your deaths till our strike is over" - Mortuary Staff Union tells Ghanaians

Richard Kofi Jordan insisted that the planned strike action will take place unless the government heeds to their concerns.

He said:

Those who intend to die during that period should wait when mortuary men are back to work they die. Simple.

Mortuary men in public health facilities are protesting over their poor working conditions and are therefore demanding improved services and an increase in salary. According to the aggrieved morticians, they are exposed to several diseases while working with the dead bodies and chemicals, but each time they raise concerns, the government appears to be dragging its feet.

Richard Jordan lamented:

The chemicals we use give us five different kinds of cancers, the government is aware of this situation. We are also at risk of blindness but nobody is addressing our challenges.


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