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Polyandrous Mother Of Seven, Arrested In Kano State

One Hauwa’u Ali,A 37-year-old woman has been arrested for marrying two husbands, in Kumbotso local government area of Kano State.

The Corps Public Relations Officer, PRO, Lawan Ibrahim Fagge, stated that the incident happened when Bello Ibrahim, The woman’s first husband, was critically ill and was taken to a village for treatment and so after waiting for some time she thought he was dead and proceeded to marry the second husband, Bala Abdulsalam, 40 years old.

“Bello Ibrahim (45 years) is the first husband who is the father of her seven children. He fell critically ill and he was talking to a village for treatment. She thought he was dead after taking a long period.

Meanwhile, they were living in their matrimonial home when she went ahead to marry another man, Bala Abdulsalam, 40 years old, who claimed he paid a dowry of N20,000 to her.

When he (Ibrahim, the first husband) recovered from the sickness, he was brought back to the house only to find that she was married to another man. She had three or four children for him,” he revealed.


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