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Political Gangs Under Watch in Nigeria after Armed Robbery

The utilization of political thugs has come back to the spotlight in Nigeria after suspects in a savage equipped burglary guaranteed they had been enlisted by the pioneer of the nation’s Senate.

Twenty-two young fellows were captured after heists on six banks slaughtered 33 in the town of Offa, in the focal territory of Kwara, on April 5.

On Sunday, the police summoned Bukola Saraki, a previous Kwara state representative and now leader of the upper council of parliament, for addressing.

Five of those held “conceded and admitted” they were “political hooligans… supported with guns, cash and operational vehicles” by Saraki and his successor as representative, Abdulfatah Ahmed, as per a police articulation.

The group purportedly worked for Saraki as political implementers under the name Youth Liberation Movement or “Great Boys” however utilized the weapons and vehicles to complete the heists, it said.

Saraki has rejected the assertion as “ridiculous” and guaranteed he was being set up.


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