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Police Station Robbed As Officers Watch UEFA Match

A Police Station in Kenya has been burgled as thieves capitalized on the carelessness of the officers to rob the station and cart away guns and ammunitions.

The Officers said they left their duty posts to watch the Champions League Match between Manchester United and FC Barcelona.

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On returning to the police station, the soccer-crazy policemen discovered that the room of the officer in-charge, which also serves as an armory was open. They walked in to find the steel box, in which firearms are kept, broken.

The thieves stole three rifles, with magazines of 20 rounds of ammunition each. They left behind only two magazines with 17 and 20 rounds from the police station armory.

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The scene was visited by the Nandi South OCPD, OCS and AP Commander.

Search and investigations are underway to recover the stolen firearms and nab the suspects.

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