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Poland: Five Teenagers Killed In Fire Accident

Five teenage girls have been killed by fire at a recreation centre.

Five girls were killed after a fire broke out at a recreation centre in northern Poland. Authorities reported that the teenagers who were all 15 years of age were killed after a fire broke out at an “Escape Room” game location and injuring a man.

Police secure a scene of a fire in Koszalin, Poland on Jan. 4, 2019. According to reports, five 15-years old girls were killed and one man was hurt in a fire that broke out in an 'escape room' as they were trying to solve logical riddles.

The girls reported by Monika Kosiec, a spokeswoman for police in Koszalin, said the victims were thought to have been at the venue for a birthday celebration, she added that a 25-year-old ma had been hospitalised with burns and could not be immediately questioned by the investigators probing the cause of the fire.

it was reported that the bodies were found after the firefighters put out the blaze, which began around 5 pm (16:00 GMT) in the northwestern city of Koszalin.

Highly popular with teenagers across Poland, the “Escape Room” game has players locked inside a room or building and they must find clues that help them get out.

A spokesman for regional firefighters, Tomasz Kubiak, said the bodies were found in a room that was near the fire but was not hit by it.

The Polish state news agency PAP said it had learned unofficially that the girls died from carbon monoxide asphyxiation.

Footage on private TVN24 showed ambulances and fire engines in front of a detached two-storey house with a large “Escape Room” sign in front.

Brudzinski ordered fire safety checks to be held at all “Escape Room” locations in Poland.

President Andrzej Duda said on Twitter it was a “crushing tragedy” that five young girls died so early in their lives.

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Koszalin Mayor Piotr Jedlinski announced that Sunday would be a day of mourning in the city.



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