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Plus Size Modelling Not Celebration Of Obesity – Aboderin-Alao Reveals

Plus Size Modelling Not Celebration Of Obesity – Aboderin-Alao Reveals

The founder of Plus Size Fashion Week Africa, Temi Aboderin-Alao, on Thursday,7th, November revealed plus-size modelling is the celebration of body positive and not obesity as generally perceived.

The fashionista disclosed this during a news conference on the Plus Size Fashion Week Africa which would hold on Dec. 8 at Traffic Lounge, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Aboderin-Alao added that plus-size modelling was about being the healthiest version of oneself and not being a situation where one becomes sick.

She said “The vision is to project body positivity so that women do not look down on themselves.

“Plus size is not a celebration of obesity but of boldness, beauty and confidence. We have healthy people who are plus size and we don’t encourage people to keep growing big.

“A lot of people have been condemned because of their sizes and the truth is if you keep getting insulted, you build a shell around yourself and it gets worse.

“We also counsel people who are plus size and have been condemned. You should not let your size bring you down.

“Here we celebrate the diversity in every woman as women come in different shapes and sizes. That is what we explore and celebrate,”

Aboderin-Alao said that this year’s edition, which is the third, would be an evolution of nature and fashion in collaboration with international designers.

A blogger at the event, Mrs Sandra Esi stated that plus-size modelling  expose people to the fact that they can look good and believe in themselves.

Mrs Nansy Neshustle, a plus-size model and actress, commended the Nigerian fashion industry for following trends and accommodating plus size models.

“Plus size modelling is all about building confidence. You should not allow your size to stop you from going out to get what you desire. Plus size is not a disease, it’s beautiful,” she said.

Mrs Mor Okonkwo, a social entrepreneur, said she was inspired to join the plus-size movement after being condemned on social media for her size.

“A lot of people go through abuse because of their size. You need to believe in yourself, love your body and rock your fashion,” she said.


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