Plot To Stop President Buhari From Seeking Re-election Reportedly Uncovered.

A presidency source accuses some senior lawyers and members of the opposition of scheming to frustrate Buhari’s reelection . The official states that funds are being raised from some opposition groups to go to court and argue that the president ought to be disqualified on age basis .Lauretta Onochie lambasts Christian Association of Nigeria A report has emanated that some senior lawyers are plotting to stop President Muhammadu Buhari from seeking reelection in 2019 based on his age. The Nation, citing an unnamed source in the presidency, reports that those behind the plot were also scheming to use other excuses to halt the president’s reelection. The source said the senior lawyers plan was to file many cases to compel Buhari to step aside, having attained more than 70 years age limit for certain public offices. The unmanned official stated that the some leaders of opposition groups and others determined to halt Buhari’s presidential ambition were backing the plot.

“The lawyers include Senior Advocates who are now raising funds from some prominent Nigerians, who have openly expressed their opposition to President Buhari’s second term ambition,” official said. “While the position of the Constitution does not disqualify anyone on the basis of age as the senior lawyers are planning, the whole point of the case is to embarrass the president as the election draw near. “Funds are being raised from some opposition groups’ leaders and individuals to go to court and argue that the President ought to be disqualified on age basis. “Already, some of those approached are read to support the cases financially and now the lead senior lawyers are mobilising several other lawyers to file series of legal suits and cases to argue on why the President should be disqualified from running. “But there are also a number of some of those approached who are concerned that the plot by a few of the senior lawyers is not likely to be effective and might only be a ploy by the senior lawyers to raise money for themselves.” A government source reportedly told the Nation that part of the uncovered plot involved instigating frivolous suits to frustrate Buhari going for a second term “We have unearthed a big plot to initiate frivolous suits to frustrate the President from realizing his second term ambition. We are also monitoring those behind this plot, which borders on ‘ambition’ to make money. They have made some of those opposed to the President to believe that Buhari can be stopped in court. “But let them go and read sections 130, 131, and 137 of the 1999 Constitution very well. They cannot disqualify Buhari on account of age. They want the court to interpret some parts of the constitution and apply it to Buhari,” the government source was quoted as saying.


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