PDP Is The Fountain Of Falsehood, says Osun APC

The All Progressives Congress APC in Osun has chided the PDP for circulating false, scandalous and defamatory stories against a Justice of the appeal court in the country.
“That party’s leadership has to cultivate some responsible decorum in its political engagement, which appears to be deteriorating by the day, particularly in the state of Osun”, the APC declared.
This scolding by the APC came in the aftermath of its own investigation and the public rebuttal by the president of the court of appeal that Justice Joseph Oyewole was never listed as a member of panel of Judges set up to hear the APC appeal against the electoral tribunal’s judgement.
In a statement released by the party’s director of publicity, Kunle Oyatomi in Osogbo today, the APC decried what it described as “the PDP’s penchant for lies, disinformation and incitement to violence” that has allegedly become the party’s trademark in the state of Osun.
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According to the APC, “it is totally irresponsible for the PDP and its minions to so unjustly and viciously defame, as well as cast scurrilous aspersion on a judge of the Court of Appeal for no just reason whatsoever”
The APC argued that it would appear that “the PDP’s comfort zone in Osun is to hide behind a mountain of lies and subterfuge to scandalize people of integrity and create an atmosphere of confusion in order to incite violence.
“We have had enough of this failed strategy by the PDP in the state of Osun”, the APC complained, arguing that, ” it is time the PDP is held accountable for their disruptive approach to politics that threatens social order and peace.”
The party warned that “if the PDP’s desperation for power in Osun is allowed to run riot, the consequences would be tragic for everyone. That is the more reason the PDP must be made to account”, the APC urged.
“Politics conducted on the platform of lies, defamation and violence, which are the trademark of the PDP, is antithetical to the progress all civilized communities in the world seek.
“The state of Osun is no exception”, declared the APC, stressing that ” both the party’s government under the able leadership of Gov. Adegboyega Oyetola and the good people of Osun will do everything lawful within their powers, and in conjunction with the law enforcement agencies to curb PDP’s excesses and preserve civilized political engagement within Osun”, the APC concluded.


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