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PDP Can’t Win 2018 Osun Guber Race — APC

All Progressives Congress has asserted that ‘no matter who is chosen as PDP flagbearer for the 2018 governorship in Osun, or whoever jumps ship from the APC to gang up with the PDP, the ruling party will still win convincingly’.

This assertion was contained in the statement by the Party’s Directorate of Publicity, Research and Strategy and made available to the media in Osogbo today against the backdrop of news circulating as to who will be the PDP candidate and whether or not the opposition plans to entice some elements in APC to make the PDP win.

According to APC, what the PDP failed to understand ‘is that it has such a terrible image in the state that no matter who, from the APC defects to PDP, the good people of Osun can’t choose PDP as an alternative to APC, notwithstanding what happened in Osun West Senatorial District in June this year.

‘ So, those who may be tempted to jump ship and aligned with the PDP are very well aware of the monstrosity they will be moving into; an action that will amount to cutting their noses to spite their faces.
‘That’s not a winning strategy’, the APC sneered.

The ruling party revealed that ‘PDP in Osun suffers multiple political defects, which worsen by the day, as a result of the lack of respectable, focussed and dignified leadership that Osun people can trust’.
The APC further argued that ‘although a person appears to encapsulate everything that’s wrong with the PDP leadership, the problem, however, runs deep in the rank and file.

‘In addition, the Osun PDP appears to be structured on a heartless, capitalist business model which end-goal is profit at all cost, no matter whose ox is gored’, the APC alleged.
‘It is this PDP’s mantra of ‘chop and quench’, (apologies to late Fela Anikulapo Kuti) that has attracted predominantly gold diggers ninto the party, especially politicians who have little or no scruples about enriching themselves with public funds at the expense of the people they were elected to serve.

‘Besides’, according to APC, ‘the use of violence by the PDP has become such a nasty part of their DNA, that rather than gain the people’s confidence, they earn rejection – that’s why the PDP can’t win the governorship election in Osun.
‘But above all, the PDP’s reckless and baseless antagonism to virtually everything Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has done since 2010, including the party’s proclamation to reverse all of it, make the PDP not only detestable, but also unelectable in the state of Osun.
‘Therefore, it is not a realizable dream for the PDP to be emerging itself in power at Abere, come Nov. 2018.
‘The party is terribly unhealthy politically to govern the state ‘, the APC concluded.



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