Pastors Collecting Offering Online Are Scammers Shatta Wale

Controversial,  Ghanaian dancehall star, Shatta Wale, has sensationally declared that any pastor who is receiving Offering and tithes online is a scammer, following the ban on public gathering due  to Covid- 19.

The brash singer who was answering questions on 4 style TV, said, these Pastors only care about money and not the salvation and welfare of their members.


He  reasoned that, “We are in a period where I don’t think pastors should even try that…you understand me? Your members come to church and they give collection, now there is a problem.

The collections they gave like for the past 30 years, where are those collections?

“okay like you can say your collections for the past 30 years, where can I buy some rice or yam or things for you.

But as at now that Coronavirus is killing your church members, some of your church members don’t even have cars, some don’t have houses…they rent and you’re still collecting tithes online?

“These are scammers like hard sakawa guys and that’s why some people like Kennedy Agyapong will get pissed and start bombarding them. As a man of God, don’t you have pity?”


Help, I’m Stranded In Gabon, Reekado Banks Cries Out

Nigerian pop singer, Reekardo Banks is appealing to the fedral Government of Nigeria to pleas oben the boarders of Nigeria so he can return home as he is stranded in Gabon and tired of the country.

The onetime Maven music star took to his social media page to  write  , I’m smiling like everything is okay, but deep down Gabon ti su mi shi boarder ejo.

It will be recalled that the Nigerian government closed all national boarders from the 23rd   






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