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Pastor Arrested Selling Missing Student’s Phone

45- year-old Ejiro Ologonla, A Pastor of the Celestial Church of Christ has landed in the police custody over his alleged role in the disappearance of one Olatunfe Oluwafemi Anthony.

The pastor, was arrested following a complaint by the Olatunfe’s family on 20 December 2019 that Oluwafemi had been missing for over a week now.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Bala Elkana, on sunday, said that when efforts by Anthony’s family to locate him proved abortive, his Itel phone was tracked by police personnel to the person, whom Ologonla had sold it to, adding that the guys clothes and shoes were also found in the pastor’s possession.

He stated,

“On December 20, 2019, around 10.30pm, the police received a complaint that one Olatunfe Anthony Oluwafemi, 29,  who was sent on an errand to Ilupeju, had not returned and his whereabouts remained unknown.

“All efforts made by his family members to trace him were in vain. The Itel phone of the missing person was electronically analysed by police forensic experts and that led to the arrest of  a 23 year old Monsurat Gbadegeshin.

“In her statement, she said her fiance, Abiodun Abiola, gave her the phone, and this led to the arrest of  Abiodun Abiola, During questioning, Abiodun said one Tolu Olurotimi, sold the phone to him and led the operatives to him. Tolu Olurotimi said he bought the phone from Pastor Ejiro Ologonla, who is based in Lagos. During questioning, Ejiro Ologonla said he was at the Oniru Beach for spiritual cleansing on the fateful day, when he met the missing Anthony Olatunfe.

“He stated that while he was at the beach, Anthony, who appeared drunk, came in and started chasing people around. At a point, he said he saw him climbing into a fisherman’s boat. Later, he saw the missing person pulling off his clothes and shoes, dropped his phone and jumped into the sea.

“He claimed that he informed the security men on duty at the beach and also called a police officer as well as one Princess Arike Oniru on the phone to intimate them of the incident. He added that he finally picked up the victim’s clothes, shoes and phone and sold the phone to one Tolu Olurotimi for N1,500 only.”

Elkana said the security guards at the beach, the fisherman, the princess and other witnesses mentioned had been invited for questioning, adding that circumstantial evidence gathered about Anthony’s disappearance strongly indicted Ologonla.

He noted that Odumosu had ordered the transfer of the case to the SCIID for further investigation and diligent prosecution.

The PPRO stated,

“During interrogation, the fisherman stated that the missing person came to the beach behaving as if he was drunk and that as he paddled the canoe to the sea, he was alerted that the man was hanging on the canoe. He claimed that he brought him back to the shore and promised to give him fish.

“But when he came back the following day, he did not see the man again. The princess confirmed that the pastor called her to inform her that somebody jumped into the sea and she advised him to report the incident to the nearest police station. The security guards on duty at the beach denied receiving a report of somebody jumping into the sea.

“The clothes and shoes of the missing person were found in the possession of the pastor. It is established that the missing person was actually at the Oniru Beach before his disappearance. The pastor was the last person who had contact with the missing person.

“It is not yet established if the missing person is dead or is alive, but the circumstantial evidence gathered so far strongly indict the pastor. The pastor did not just sell the phone belonging to the missing person, he also converted the money he found in the pocket of pair of trousers of the missing person to his own use. There is no record showing that the pastor reported the incident at any police station.”


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