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Paranoia, Scrutiny, Distrust: How North Korea is Safeguarding Against Olympic Defections

Very nearly 500 North Koreans are in South Korea for the Winter Olympics – in a land they have been raised to see as adversary domain; one plainly more prosperous and more free than their own.

It’s likewise a place to which more than 31,000 of their friends have absconded in the course of recent decades – a reality not lost on North Korea, which isn’t taking any risks with its assignment this time.

More than 200 young North Korean women have arrived in South Korea to root for athletes from both sides of the peninsula at the Winter Olympics.

The gathering of competitors, authorities, entertainers, journalists and team promoters – including the more youthful sister of Kim Jong Un – will be encompassed by help staff, minders and witnesses. They’re additionally liable to be screened, very much treated and steadfast individuals from North Korea’s first class.

North Korean competitors have abandoned previously. A ladies’ ice hockey player deserted in 1997 and a judo competitor surrendered while at an opposition in Spain in 1999.

While improbable, it isn’t unthinkable for an individual from North Korea’s Pyeongchang assignment to desert as the world watches the Games – and it would be both a colossal humiliation for the North, and geopolitical wreckage for have South Korea.

Rebellions far-fetched

Presently living in South Korea in the wake of abandoning in 2006, Han Seo-hee was picked in her twenties to be a piece of a North Korean cheerleading troupe after she performed for late pioneer Kim Jong Il.

She says it’s improbable that team promoters would desert amid such a prominent visit.

The group would be observed wherever they go and would be definitely mindful of the outcomes their family back home would confront were they to make such a move, Han says.

North Korean athletes take part in a welcoming ceremony for the team at the Olympic Village in Gangneung on February 8.

“I wouldn’t have even thought about it.” Han says. “It will be the same for the cheerleading squad this time. They have family back home, they know whether they deformity, their family will be scared and rebuffed.”

“A North Korean gathering sent to another country is constantly made out of three gatherings. Gathering individuals, security individuals and managerial individuals. This time will be the same.”

No time alone

The determined glare of open investigation would be extreme – notwithstanding scaring – for any competitor contending in the Games, which formally start Friday.

A previous North Korean cop, who would not like to be recognized in light of the fact that regardless he has family in the North, revealed to CNN examination would proceed for the North Korean competitors out of people in general eye.

He said colleagues would be under day in and day out reconnaissance – unfit to go to the restroom alone and sources would screen who is conversing with whom.

A North Korean operator wearing a badge with the portraits of late North Korean leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il works while North Korea's Samjiyon Orchestra performs on February 8, in Gangneung, South Korea.

Han said the very idea of North Korean life implies everybody is urged to search for irregular or suspicious conduct in companions or family and report it.

“The pioneers as well as whatever is left of the entertainers will be rebuffed for not detailing suspicious indications of a deserter.”

Serious preparing

The North Koreans as of now in Pyeongchang have been pursued by media wherever they go.

Much of the time, they give restrained grins and little reaction to the flood of inquiries – in spite of the fact that at Thursday’s inviting function for North Koreans at the Gangneung competitors town a portion of the appointment were obviously unwinding as the service advanced, notwithstanding giving the Olympic mascot Soohorang high fives.

Han said she was advised not to talk in the event that she traveled to another country, to disregard writers’ inquiries and not to look.

North Korea's Samjiyon Orchestra performs on February 8, 2018 in Gangneung, South Korea.  The performers are staying on a ferry that brough them to South Korea.

“We were instructed that we would be sent to South Korea to cheerlead as well as to brag about our pioneer. We were informed that we should take the battle to the core of our adversaries.”

Investigation proceeds back home

Lee Chul-sung, the head of South Korean police accountable for security for the Games, says North Korea was not permitted to bring its own particular authority security and he has composed a different field group to go with North Korean assignments wherever they go.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to state the competitors are confined, yet they are isolated from alternate competitors. We will have additional security for them.”

Lee says there are additionally South Korean watches for all time outside their living quarters to keep the appointments secure. Little challenges have ejected wherever they go, with some in South Korea furious the entryway has been opened to North Korea without the nation making any concessions on its atomic rocket program.

The North Korean ex-cop revealed to CNN the reconnaissance encompassing the North Korea group, entertainers and authorities would be clandestine and the insight officers would have titles like care staff.

The investigation and observation additionally wouldn’t ease up once they were back home, he says.

The competitors, entertainers and team promoters would be liable to audits, questions, and examinations to discover how every individual spoke to their nation to the outside world.


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