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Our Musicians Are Our Leaders: The Role They Play In Our Country

This are the photos of Nigerian artists in square

In a country where killings, bombings, and kidnappings are rampant; unemployment dangerously high, the economy in shambles and corrupt Politicians steal from the country. One has a lot of things to worry about, the first of which is breaking even, making a living followed closely by a harder goal: staying alive. Amidst all the chaos it almost very hard to find the time or a reason to relax and just be happy. Well, that’s where our musicians come in!

In this article, I will try to explain the many roles musicians play in our country.

First and foremost, these musicians are better role models than most politicians. Most of these artists started from rock-bottom where things were hard and made a name for themselves through hard work, integrity, and continuous practice. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of our leaders who steal from us, lie to us and mislead us.

These artists are indirectly the voice of the masses, they use their music to point out the many flaws in our system. Starting from the legendary Fela to Tekno, musicians have started speaking out against the numerous discrepancies of our government. They also use their songs as a medium to spread love and peace; while our politicians and leaders arm our boys with guns and ask them to go out and kill each other. Utterly shameful and despicable!

More importantly, they help to soothe the pain and psychological strain and stress of the masses. This also means that they provide a temporary means of escape. Escape from the hard reality that surrounds them. These artists are very well loved because they preach hope hence the masses can identify with them-they all came from nothing!! While almost all politicians became even bigger men after stealing from our country.

Even more crucial is the way our artists represent our country out there. Our artists have not only become international sensations, they have become household names and have done our country proud. Our musicians are respected internationally and they have helped draw and pull the right kind attention to Afro-Beats and Nigeria. Tell me; is there any politician in Nigeria suitable to be a role-model to your kids. The answer, of course, is no.

From winning awards to recording songs with international superstars, to going on tours (international and local). The likes of Davido, Wizkid, Tekno, Tubaba -just to mention a few- are really doing all they can to paint Nigeria in a new color. They have taken giants steps in order to change the way Nigeria is perceived by outsiders, while the politicians bring nothing but ridicule to us.

Now I hope you are beinning to see that our musicians are really our true leaders; a perfect example is when our so-called President called Nigerian youths lazy. Of course, there was a terrible backlash from youths and middle-aged people all over the country. The President was made to look even more foolish when last week Davido won an award at the BET awards. In his acceptance speech, he extolled the qualities of his country and Africa as a whole. Urging the world to come visit Nigeria, he told them to eat our food and take time to explore the country.

His acceptance speech got Jamie Foxx to his feet applauding him before he even rounded up. These musicians are our beacons of hope because their stories are incredible and touching. They certainly have more impact on our subconscious that the politicians who spend most of their time stealing money and lying. The sharp contrast between the President’s and Davido’s statements says it all!!

Despite all the success and wealth these musicians always find ways to give back to the country and its citizens at large.

From Tubaba to Don Jazzy to Davido to Wizkid to Tiwa Savage and others; you are our leaders and we are absolutely proud of you. God bless you all!!


By Boma Al


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