Osun 2018: Adeleke Reveals 6- Point Agenda

The Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) has just released the 6-point agenda of their governorship aspirant for Osun state, Senator Ademola Adeleke.

Senator Adeleke, who will be representing the party, in the September polls, will focus on these 6 key areas to move Osun state forward.

Adeleke, who recently emerged victorious after he was dragged to court by some aggrieved members of his party for not having a Secondary School Leaving Certificate has said he would rejuvenate the economy, stimulate the local economy and drive the economy in a safe environment.

Adeleke says he will also restructure the educational system, make food available for all, create wealth, improve workers welfare, amongst other things.

Find the list below;

1. Economic Rejuvenation through Debt restructuring, stimulation of local economy and Investment drive in a safe operating environment.

2. Agricultural Revolution: To provide Affordable Food for All, Wealth Creation, Effective Agric Input Services, etc.

3. Restructuring of the educational system. Improved and Qualitative Education.

4. Improved workers’ welfare and condition of service (Prompt payment of salaries, benefits & emoluments.

5. Improved health care services and workers.

6. Improved road and water infrastructures. Provide efficient Road Networks to every nook and cranny of Osun State. Effective and efficient transport system. Provision of adequate security through human capital.


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