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Oshiomole Shades Obasanjo, Says He Lies In The Morning, Afternoon And Night

Obasanjo lies in the morning, afternoon and night, Oshiomhole shades ex-president.

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National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Adams Oshiomhole seems not to have gotten enough as he continues to shade Former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo.

Oshiomhole on Saturday, who at the APC presidential campaign rally at Ibadan, the Oyo capital, gave a triple shade of the ex-president saying the ex-president “lies in the morning, afternoon and night.”

He stated,

“This is very important. You know in Yorubaland, we respect elders. But, when a person is an elder, lies in the morning, afternoon and night, such a person doesn’t deserve our respect, because the Yorubas say respect begets respect.

“That Baba that called Atiku a thief; he said it in the morning, afternoon and night; he wrote it in a book. Only for him to now say he has forgiven him. Is he equivalent to Nigeria? I think that is very insulting. For anyone who has been as lucky as that old, chicken farmer, who has governed Nigeria for about eleven and a half years, to say that once he forgives what was stolen, all Nigerians should forgive, is to assume that he is equivalent to Nigeria. That is not the tradition even in Yorubaland. So I ask you to please recognise that it is not over until it is over.”

He urged the people to support the APC with their votes, stating that “we need to vote because our mouths cannot ‘kill’ them; our PVCs will ‘kill’ them.”


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