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Oscars: Sex For Award Looms Hollywood, Actress Whoopi Goldberg Reveals

During the #MeToo movement in Leeds, England on Saturday, Actress Whoopi Goldberg allegedly reveals hidden secret.

As reported by Radar Online, the 62 year old actress revealed that actresses sleep with Ugly men to get an Oscar and Tony.

According to actress who is also an Oscar winner, she disclosed she isn’t talking about herself but trying to teach young women to be better by simply turning down offers to meet up in hotel rooms just to win awards.

In her words: “It’s like if some guy said to me we’re gonna have a meeting up in my hotel room… you don’t f***ing go – you don’t go.

“And if you do, cop to it. Say, ‘That’s right I went up there and had sex with that ugly-ass man so I could get an Oscar and a Tony.’

“Am I talking about myself? No. We have to teach young women better, Apparently American white men are angry… ’cause they’re top of the food chain, they can get anything they f***ing want but it’s not enough – so they’re coming after women.

“Women are saying, ‘Are you kidding me?’ You can’t put this genie back in the bottle’. Women are not taking any bulls**t.”



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