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Osas Ighodaro’s Marriage In Trouble?


Popular Nigerian television media personality and Nollywood actress Osas Ighodaro, has recently been on a controversial news as her husband Gbenero Ighodaro publicly pointed out issues about their marriage on social media few days ago.

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In his post, Gbenero expressed his displeasure at the way Osas always abandoned their child and went partying with friends all night, neglecting her motherly duties and facing more on her career, aside that, he also called his wife a hypocrite.

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In reaction to his post, Nigerians came for him. Celebrities like former big brother Nigeria housemate, Bisola came in defense of Osas saying she was a good mother, shading Gbenero.

A lot of people expressed their unbelief and disgust at how gbenro publicly embarrassed his wife.

Trust Nigerian twitter users to always give savage replies:

“Osas that just slays and minds her business. Now gbenro has brought scandal for her. This is what happens when you marry a stupid man” …Ome Specter(@or-meh-me)

“I remember Osas talking about love even tho there were many wealthy men asking her hand in marriage. Honestly if you are going to marry a foolish man,atleast marry a foolish man who has money. Not the one that will disgrace you when you are done lifting him up”…Nerve Bender(@okemzuroke)

A lot of social media users have branded gbenero as an ungrateful jealous man trying to ruin Osas’s blossoming career. Some others have blamed Osas for not neglecting her wifely and mother duties.

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In the whole of all the the saga, Osas has remained quiet. Nobody knows the fate of their marriage now.

But in the meantime, do you support gbenero’s action of publicly coming out to talk about his wife in such manner?



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