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Oritse Femi, King Tblack At War

Nigeria’s popular musician, Oritse Femi, (Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele) goes in battle with famous Nigerian porn star, King Tblack has come hunting for him for allegedly flirting with his woman.

Tblack has accused Oritsefemi for sliding into the DM of his woman and flirting with her despite the fact that he is married.

The porn star has now taken to the social media to unleash terror on Oritse Femi…

“Imagine me calling your ugly wife to come and shoot porn for me? Maybe I should offer the ex hoe how much to do a video for me. Werey boy… Got your time tonight.”

“You supposed to be married but instead you disturbing Maami Igbagbo… wanna keep fucking her all the time with your wife bro you have no respect for yourself o. Get some sense This is how you lose your fame. Doing dumb shit. With your C&S church voice.”

“And he has infection… Well don’t believe me. Go fuck him. All he gives is $100 lol.”

“Some artists actually just sing nonsense and be feeling themselves cause of few gullible fanatics (fans) no wonder he got mad, Olamide and others no dey put am for concert.”

“Well on my way to destroy his little more fame. Bye to Ortisefemi.”

“You think it’s easy to set me up with girl. This what have always been hearing outside? No dude ut’s easier for me to set you up with a girl.”

“Don’t near me na… leave me alone… I no message your wife. If she messaged herself. You can’t fight me… fight her. And if someone is disturbing your girl. Call and warn the person. Your girl can’t stop people from liking her.”

“Also, stay out of my fucking business… e no go better for all una family… Well that’s why e never better for any of una from day 1. Hates. Jealousy. Will drive your soul into the Blackhole.”

Lets see where these two guys will end there dispute.


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