On-Becoming Mrs Afolayan, Bimbo Ogunnowo Tells Her Love story

Once more, a celebrity marriage has been born today when actress Bimbo Ogunnowo tied the knot with Movie Director, Okiki Afolayan at Ikoyi Registry.

In a recent interview, the actress divulged interesting details about her journey of eleven years with her heartthrob.

Most couples have a love story and Bimbo isn’t an exception as she takes us through the journey of her relationship with Okiki.

The actress disclosed they met on a movie set which was her very first acting experience and he was the continuity manager on set.

Their first meeting was said not to have gone smoothly due to a little misunderstanding which became clearer later as their journey to friendship was birthed from there.

“The journey started 11 years ago on the set of my debut movie titled “Ifejafunmi” at Classic Hotel, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State. When I got to the hotel, I had long braid on me and everyone was like what types of hairstyle is this? Have you seen Okiki? I was like I don’t know who Okiki is and why is everyone shouting his name? When Okiki eventually came out, he was like is this your producer?

With this kind of hairstyle? Please lose the hair or you find solutions to it before you can come on set. He left and I was of the opinion that I don’t know this guy, so why would he tell me to unplait my hair. He later came back to me to explain why. He said I can’t use one look for the whole movie, so I need to work around it which I eventually did. So, that was how I met him.” She said.

She disclosed they became friends for three years before they eventually started dating but the relationship was short-lived.

After a year and half of being together, distance played a role in tearing them apart as Bimbo returned to University of Ibadan to complete her education.

“We became friends and he has been my best friend in the industry. After the movie thing, we were friends for 3 years before we started dating. He has a lot of things on him. He is a director, story writer and a producer. At some point, we broke up and that was when I told him that I was going back to school. Then, he was living at Agbede in Ikorodu and shuttling between that place and Ibadan wasn’t easy for me, we had to fall apart.”

After three years of separation, fate played a good role in bring them together as they met on set again, chit-chatted and kicked off from where they stopped.

“A friend of mine, Tunde Anjola called me for a job around Magodo area of Lagos state where Afeez Owo was directing it and Okiki saw me again. He said this babe, where have you been all these while, we got talking, he invited me for a chat and I was with him the following day and we decided to reunite, the rest is now history.”


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