Olajumoke Changes Last Name, Says She Will Speak Up At The Right Time

Nigerian bread hawker turned model Olajumoke Chris, who became a  star out of luck after selling bread on the streets of Lagos for a long time, has appeared again in the news.

Olajumoke had been in the news recently due to drama in her matrimonial home. The mother of two had become a star after professional photographer, TY Bello gave her a shot. Bello saw modeling capacity in Olajumoke while she was doing a photo shoot.

Olajumoke’s Cinderella story had moved many Nigerians who came to her assistant by presenting her with modeling gigs, endorsement deals, a house and more.  It was later reported that Olajumoke Orisaguna changed her surname to Chris due to the issue she is having in her marriage.

This incident of replacing her husband’s name with Chris sparked some speculations about the marriage. It was assumed that Olajumoke changed her name because she had separated from her husband, Sunday Orisaguna In response to the rumour, the mother of two has now promised her fans that she would talk about her marriage when the right time presents itself. The mother of two asked Nigerians to please focus on her progress as a model and wait until she decides to share her story.

Olajumoke made this known on a post on Instagram.e work speak Cop these nice accessories.”  She shared a video of herself working on a new project. She said: “Silence is golden, I’m in a good place. At the right time, I’ll speak but for now, let  the work speak Cop these nice accessories.”


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