Oil Tanker With 22 Aboard Missing Off Coast of West Africa

The scan for a missing oil tanker off the shore of West Africa entered its fourth day Sunday, with no word on the destiny of the 22 Indian nationals on board the vessel.


The vessel, Marine Express, was conveying more than 13,000 tons of fuel and disappeared in the Gulf of Guinea, as per an announcement from the Anglo Eastern, the ship’s overseeing organization.

It said it lost contact with the vessel Thursday.

In a tweet, a representative for India’s Foreign Ministry, Raveesh Kumar, said a scan for the ship is in progress.

“Our Mission in Abuja (Nigeria) is in contact with the experts in Benin and Nigeria for their assistance in finding the ship and is continually observing the circumstance,” he said.

Somewhat English Eastern said it was in contact with the groups of the missing mariners.

In a current report, the International Maritime Bureau, a not-for-profit gave to battling wrongdoing adrift, said oceanic theft and outfitted burglary achieved a 22-year-low a year ago, yet risk holds on in the Gulf of Guinea.

“In spite of the fact that the quantity of assaults is during this time [2017] in examination with a year ago, the Gulf of Guinea and the waters around Nigeria remain a danger to seafarers,” said Pottengal Mukundan, chief of the department.

The Gulf of Guinea drives the world in the number and seriousness of frequencies of robbery, as indicated by the not-for-profit.



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