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Obsessed and Abusive Man Kills 17 year Old Ex Girlfriend

17 year old Lashonda was murdered recently by her 28 year old boyfriend Trendell Goodwin and was arrested on Tuesday’s Evening.

The teenager’s relationship with the obsessed boyfriend started in September and she showed sign of withdrawal when she found out he wasn’t 20 year old like he earlier told her.

Lashonda got fed up when he became over possessive and would call over 70 times a day and made her do things out of her free will.

When he found out she was going to break up with him, which she did, he got furious and allegedly killed her by shooting her to death on shoop Avenue in Ohio, U.S.

According to her mother, Nina, she said: “He was the type of guy who would call you 70 times a day,” Nina said. “Nonstop. I t was aggravating as well as annoying and scary. Even after they broke up, Goodwin continued to reach out to LaShonda.

Meanhwile, Lashonda had written about her abusive relationship in September as she advised others in similar situation to walk away.


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