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No More : Alarming Rate Of Ritual Killings Must Stop

The stories of ritual killings in the country is now at a scary level.

WE are alarmed at the high rate of “ritual killings” going on in the country as it seems to be the new norm among desperate youths. Even in your desperation and frustration how will a human see his/her fellow human as a door to unlimited riches.

It doesn’t make sense but no evil will go unpunished.


As in the case of stories of ritual killings that are going viral online for some few months now, the truth still remains that the voodoo charm is just to harm you in the future, and It is now saddening that every helpless mentally unstable pretty girl seen on the streets is now believed to have been used for “ritual”though some girls have been truly used and doomed.

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Instantly, her ordeal was attributed to being used for yahoo plus when infact it was mental disorder she had been battling for so many years. Another problem is that idleness is the birthplace of all these ideas and thoughts. People please get a job, learn a skill, keep your hands busy.

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If you can believe you can make money from doing juju with underwears or eating faeces then never you be angry with the whites if they call you black monkey because that’s what you truly are. Even baboons won’t go that low.

That’s why we are still way behind the western world.

Without doubt there is voodoo existing in our everyday world but you see that money ritual stunt is just a deal the babalawo’s strike with their oracles on your behalf and after some time it will boomerang on you and your family. Even the strongest pastor cannot save you when the devil comes for  you. BE WARNED 

If it is easy and safe those baba’s i would expect them to be living in mansions and luxury and the source behind it would be a secret that could only be passed down through the family lane but no , you see them living in dilapidated huts yet they claim to conjure money from the “spiritual realm“.

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If you need faeces, there are thousands of soakaways around whose owners will gladly see you help them reduce the brown and black, solid and watery contents.

The babas who do these things for you are only interested in your money and your free live goat or white chicken which will eventually end up in their pot of soup.

Person wey go make am go make am and the reason behind it is not the concoction one baba made for you to drink or bath with or eat.

Always remember that you cannot harm someone and go scot free let alone end their lives abruptly . Be wise.Image result for mad girl used for rituals


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