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‘No Insurance Benefits For Killed Policemen’s Relatives since 2016’

The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, has said that relatives of cops who kicked the bucket and the individuals who managed wounds while on obligation since 2016 have not possessed the capacity to get any type of protection remuneration.


Idris, who was spoken to by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Administration, Lagos, Ayuba Elkanah, said this amid the shoppers intelligent session composed by the National Insurance Commission, with the subject, “Enhancing protection benefit conveyance to buyers,” in Lagos on Thursday.

“Protection installment has been halted to the police since 2016; additionally, since we entered into the mishap protection cover, no kobo has been paid to any policeman,” he expressed.

He clarified that the reason given for the dismissal of cover by the insurance agencies was that premiums were not paid on the arrangements by the legislature.

As indicated by him, the police had their protection cover and remuneration set up since 1992 and it used to be very simple to get claims.

Yet, since the guaranteeing business began to execute its ‘no premium, no cover’ arrangement, the IGP lamented that getting remuneration had turned out to be intense for policemen and their relatives.

He noticed that most policemen didn’t know about the issues encompassing their protection cover, in light of the fact that the insurance agencies were just focusing on the home office of the police, leaving by far most of the officers and men spread the nation over without data.

As per him, it is vital for the guarantors to get nearer to the policemen in various areas of the nation.

While responding to this, the Deputy Commissioner, Technical, National Insurance Commission, Mr. Sunday Thomas, said the organizations that were influenced by the ‘no premium, no cover’ conspire did not have to adhere to the January recharging date of their approaches.

He watched that due to delays in passing national spending plans each year, there may be delays by the administration in apportioning assets to settle the yearly premium of the gathering life approach.



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