However, in a statement on Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu described the claim as unfortunate.

“Of recent,” Kanu said, “our dear compatriot Alhaji Asari Dokunbo whom we know had made his own contributions to the restoration of the sovereignty of the Biafran people had raised issues worth addressing and in order to avoid an unnecessary distraction and to keep the struggle focused on the goals we set out to accomplish, I thought it wise to address the issues raised.”

According to him, “the issues raised by our dear compatriot are:

. I ordered the murder of a cleric.

. I collected money from Atiku.

. Master-Slave relationship between diverse Biafran ethnic groups.

. That I am a scam & fraud in the Biafran struggle.

I will take my time to address each point one after the other and later, indulge our dear comrade to reveal to fellow Biafrans what he thinks should be done differently in order to achieve Biafra’s restoration.

. I never ordered the killing of any cleric and if anyone thinks I did, he or she should provide evidence that I wasted Biafran resources to kill a fellow Biafran whose death cannot help IPOB to restore Biafra.

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. I never collected money from Atiku and if anyone is in doubt, let him or her approach Atiku for answers. Both PDP and APC agents approached me and told me to give up the struggle for Biafra and I told them that, IPOB  will only do so if the following things will be fulfilled:

. Full Resource Control and not mere 13% derivation.

. Opening of at least 2 deep seaports in Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Rivers, Bayelsa, and the Delta States starting with the construction of Ibaka, Ibeno and Bakassi deep seaports.

.The establishment of international airports and inland ports in all states of the defunct Eastern and Mid West regions in order to emancipate Biafra land from economic strangulation.

.Full implementation of PIB (Petroleum Industry Bill).

. Full autonomy to all Biafran states in the areas of security, taxes, royalties, legislation, etc.) Lots more.

This is as he noted that “We lifted the boycott of election because both parties agreed to our terms & conditions.

“If we are wrong to give the Nigerian elites the opportunity to fail themselves, let the Biafrans voice out.”

He challenged Asari Dokunbo to provide evidence if “you said I am a scam and fraud. I will be grateful if you can provide evidence of me diverting the contributions of fellow Biafrans for my personal use.”