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Nigerians Revolt Against Senator Ohuabunwa’s Frying Pans Empowerment Of Constituents

Nigerians Revolt Against Senator Ohuabunwa’s Frying Pans Empowerment Of Constituents

Congressperson Mao Ohuabunwa, the official speaking to Abia north area at the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly has been made a subject of joke by online networking clients for engaging his constituents with broiling dish.


Pictures of Ohuabunwa, 60, who serves on the stage of the Peoples Democratic Party became a web sensation on Wednesday where he was seen circulating broiling skillet to enable his constituents.

His ‘altruism’, in any case, did not run down well with numerous Nigerians, particularly online networking clients, who attacked him for ridiculing his constituents with ‘common’ broiling container.

A few responses underneath…

‏ @AbuSadiq001 Senator Mao Ohuabunwa speaking to Abia North Senatorial District “engaged” ladies in his supporters with one griddle each.

The ladies would now be able to sear Akara in peace.

‏ @Dr_Aphiz Senator Mao Ohuabunwa speaking to Abia North circulates Frying Pan and Gas barrel to ladies as destitution easing program.

Broil Akara and profit.

‏ @andybes50484929 Can you envision Just Negodu! Congressperson Mao Ohuabunwa speaking to Abia north senatorial area, engages ladies in his body electorate with one griddle each.

‏ @OUCHFRANDIB This man should never return to the Senate ever!! Congressperson Mao Ohuabunwa who speaks to Abia North in the Senate.

If it’s not too much trouble would we be able to all give our affable Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa a strong round of praise. It is difficult to touch base at such an exceptional development. Who knows, these ladies may utilize the container to sear akara for our future pioneers.

‏ @people_eye In the soul of ladies strengthening, we comprehend Abia State’s Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, has favored the ladies of his body electorate with a griddle, each. How extremely touching! It isn’t a little something for a people to be honored with such an insightful, mindful and great pioneer.

‏ @olajideobe Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, is this what you call #Empowerment? One #FryingPan each for ladies in Abia North Senatorial area.

Is this all the better you could do? Abia ladies, continue browning your akara.

Nigeria, why? Who reviled you?

‏ @AustineEjeke1 This is my Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, speaking to Abia North and my local Isuikwuato Empowering his Constituency ladies with Frying Pans as their own particular offer of Dividends of Democracy!!




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