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”Nigerians Love Me Now Because The World Has Recognise Me”-Burna Boy

Nigerian Afro-fusion artist, Damini popularly known as ‘Burna Boy’ Ogulu, in an interview with Billboard, spoke on how Nigerians now love him more because the whole world likes him too

Despite being a successful musician, Burna Boy explained that he does not feel wealthy because many Nigerians suffer from poverty Nigeria is no doubt a home to many talented musicians.

In recent times, Afrobeat music has been getting attention from the international showbiz industry. Seeing as Afrobeat was pioneered by legendary Nigerian singer, Fela Kuti, a number of Nigerian musicians are now gaining recognition for adopting the style.

Burna boy has been making waves both locally and internationally. His unique modernisation of the Afrobeat sound has earned him several fans all over the world.

Just recently in an interview with Billboard, the hit maker spoke on how Nigerians love him a lot more now as they can see that the world has accepted him too.

“Nigerians love me a lot more now because they can see that the whole world likes me, too,” he said.

Burna spoke on how people might think he is someone special, but he is just a human being whose skill is making music

He added that every human has their own role to play in the world and no role is more important than the other. He said:

“They think I’m something special, but I’m not. I’m just a human whose skill is making music. Way I see it, everyone plays their own role in the world, and no role is more important than the other.”



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