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Nigerian Man Shares Story Of His Six Months Weight loss Journey, Says He Eats Once A Day

After six months of discipline and hard work, Temitope has an enviable body and he took to Twitter to show it off along with the strict exercise and diet programme he stuck to.

Here is what he said:

When I started, I used to eat once a day. That’s either breakfast or lunch, just once in a day which is very light If at all I get hungry, I snack on one or two apples I don’t eat later than 5pm.

I basically avoided ice creams, cake, soft drinks, alcohol, I also reduced my bread and rice intake.

Now to the work out part For the first 4 months I did intense 30 mins treadmill, Intense 30 mins elliptical training, at least 3000 skips 300 Abdominal exercises in total daily From Monday to Saturdays.

Sunday is my rest day where I get to eat light at least twice that day.

During the 5th and 6th month, I began to reduce my cardio exercises and started lifting weights little by little.


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