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Nigerian Man Sells Jollof Rice In New York With His Wife

Nigerian couple, Godshelter Oluwalogbon, and his wife, Bisola, were seen operating from their Divine Flavored Food truck which is strategically located on 2nd Avenue in front of the Nigerian consulate.

Oluwalogbon who earlier in life worked as a waiter in Nigeria when he was 15-16 years old began his food business on a part-time basis in 2005, catering on the weekends because he had a full-time job he was doing went into the business full time in 2010. They are so proud of the staple food that it has always being debated that Nigerian Jollof is better than Ghana own. Bringing the much-loved food, jollof rice, closer to Nigerians.

Nigerian couple, Godshelter and Bisola Oluwalogbon, sells jollof rice outside consulate office in New
he said:

“At one point, I was trying to look for another job while working at Zabar’s, just so I could get more money, but my boss, Chef Boris, told me,
“No, don’t look for another job, go to school.
” I listened to him. I went to culinary school at the Art Institute of New York, and he gave me a little raise, which really helped.
At one point, I was working at Zabar’s in the morning, and at night, LSG Sky Chefs at the airport or a nursing home facility in the Bronx as a dietary supervisor.
” Nigerian man Godshelter Oluwalogbon sells jollof rice outside consulate office in New York.


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